The Passionate Chadar Trek Of Ishwar With Thrillophilia!

The Passionate Chadar Trek Of Ishwar With Thrillophilia!

“The more noteworthy the deterrent, more the satisfaction in defeating it”

Ishwar Yadav is the son of a BSF (Border Security Force) serving father who has migrated from one end of the country to the other as a result of his country's duty. As Ishwar’s life has unfolded, he has witnessed everything. He had spent time in Rajasthan's desert, and had also fallen in love with the mountains and streams while staying in Meghalaya. "Every town has its own beauty and character," he explains, recognising the uniqueness of each location, “I am really happy for the opportunities to live in a location that has diverse cultures."

"Adventure flows in my blood," Ishwar exclaims, enthusiastically as he recounts his recent journey to the incredibly arduous Chadar Trek over the icy Zanskar River. He'd always wanted to see the northern slopes.

A Difficult Path

In the beginning, Ishwar wasn't sure which hike to choose. He got shivers looking at the images of Chadar Trek and knew straight away that Chadar was where his heart belonged. He decided on Chadar Trek as his destination after a lot of study and brainstorming, and it was the best option he could have made.

For the first time, he was going to fly alone. His anxiety lasted till he arrived at the airport and learned that his trip to Leh on January 31 had been cancelled. Ishwar was disheartened but determined not to give up, so he booked a ticket the next day with a group of Mumbai trekkers he found at the airport.

But saying it was easier than doing it. Ishwar's phone rang, and he was unable to join the hikers because of the same issue. It appeared that reaching Leh would be a difficult feat, but Ishwar was not about to give up. On the 3rd of February, he travelled to Leh. He didn't feel certain about getting it to the destination until he arrived in Leh.

He knew he'd made it to freezing-cold Leh when the aeroplane announcer read, "The temperature outside is minus 10 degrees Celsius."

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When he arrived at his accommodation in Leh, he saw his Mumbai gang getting ready to embark on the journey. He eventually persuaded the guide to let him join the Mumbai trekkers, assuring him that he would not have any acclimatisation problems. A landslide happened on their route to the Chadar Trek's starting location, forcing them to trek an additional 3-4 kilometres to get there. And that’s it, he was finally here, and he was overjoyed!

It's Always Worth Getting A First Look!

Ishwar was overjoyed since he had never seen snow before. On the first day of the journey, he and his fellow trekkers began walking from the start point and covered over 4 kilometres. Ishwar had noodles as the porters set up the tents amid the bitter cold. After considerable fighting, he eventually slept off, troubled by the unusual temperatures.

The next day included a 6-kilometre hike across the freezing river. Despite the fact that the length was long and challenging, the trekkers constantly encouraged and motivated one another. Ishwar's hike was made much more lovely by the snowfall. He was witnessing his first snowfall, and it just astonished him, leaving him to think and wonder what surprises awaited him on this magnificent journey.

The Unpredictable Weather

The night was frigid, as expected, with the sub-zero temperatures sending shivers down the spine. The hikers were intended to arrive at Tibbs Caves on day three. The snowfall thwarted their plans, forcing them to retreat one point and wait for the storm to pass. Ishwar had nightmares the entire night about the possibility of the journey being cancelled owing to inclement weather.

The hikers were assured that the weather was much favourable to march on when the Sun rose to open sky the next morning. That day, Ishwar and other hikers trekked a remarkable 20 kilometres on the freezing river to reach the Tibb Caves. Many hikers were snapping photos and registering their presence at a well-known location.

Adventure With A Splash Of Fun

The evening delivered bone-chilling temps as well as a lot of fun! Ishwar and his fellow hikers met up with all the other groups at the campground and played Antakshari with them around the bonfire. People had moments of delight and happiness while humming melodies throughout the night. For Ishwar, one of the pleasures was the cuisine cooked here. One of the most delectable foods he ate on his tour to Chadar was paneer mushroom with a hot Kahwa.

The trip guide then informed the trekkers that Nerak was a tough location to access, and they couldn't believe their bad luck. They had already lost one day of hiking, and reaching Nerak and returning in the allotted time in inclement weather was a challenge. The majority of the passionate trekkers in the party of 12 persuaded the leader to travel to Nerak at the risk of their life, and the leader eventually caved in.

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The trekkers departed for Nerak at 5 a.m. the next morning and arrived at 11 a.m. And fortunately, on that particular day, the sun shined brightly, thrilling the hikers. Before eating breakfast and departing to return to Tibb Caves after an hour, the ice waterfall in Nerak was a lovely sight to witness.

Chadar was broken in a few spots by the harsh sun, making it difficult for trekkers to walk on the thin coating of ice. They arrived at Tibb Caves around 4.30 p.m., after which they embarked on a more than 30-kilometre hike the next day. All of them had to cross a chilly river on their expedition, which rendered Ishwar's legs numb. He, on the other hand, made it to the starting site despite repeated landslides.

When Ishwar thinks back on his trek, he remembers getting a rush from walking over the shattered Chadar and witnessing the flowing waters of the Zanskar River beneath his feet. He now intends to complete the Pin Parvati Trek, Everest Base Camp, and travel across Austria.

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